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Sugaring & Lashes



Hair Removal & Eyelash Extension Services



Lash Extensions

Wakeup feeling refreshed and not having to worry about mascara! My classic eyelash extensions will enhance what you already have. Lash extensions will give you a more awake, brighter, and clean look. No more worrying about clunky or runny mascara, save time on getting ready for the day and blink with confidence.

Brands used: Bella Lashes, Sugar Lash Adhesive, & Minky's Lash Cleaning Solutions


$100 full-set classic lashes

This service will take up to 2 hours. This is for lashes that have 0% to less than 50% lash extensions. Classic sets only.

$80 Fill

Plan for 1 hour. This service is only for those who have more than 50% lash extensions. Reschedule fills every 2 weeks for maintenance.

$15 Lash Removal

Lash removal service can be an add-on for full-set lashes.

If you are not satisfied with the lashes you received, this service will be complimentary.



Sugaring Services

Sugaring is the absolute best method for hair removal. It goes on at body temperature making it perfect for those with sensitive skin. It can be applied multiple times to the same surface ensuring more hair can be removed. It will not remove live skin cells, only hair! Hair is removed in the direction of growth minimizing ingrown hairs. Sugaring is organic & supports sustainability practices, making it a healthier & environmentally responsible method for personal care. These are just some of its benefits...experience sugaring for yourself!

Brands used: Alexandria Professional

Buy packages, which include all of the services listed below or buy each service à la carte!

The prices are for both men & women! However, we will not be doing any manzilians at this time.


$65 Brazilian Package

$25 Bikini Line

$45 Bikini Full

$25 Butt Strip

$25 Butt Cheeks


$60 Face Package

$15 Lip

$10 Chin

$10 Cheeks

$10 Sideburns

$10 Hairline

$10 Nose

$15 Ears

$35 Eyebrows


$60 Front Package

$30 Chest

$15 Nipples

$15 Neck

$10 Stomach Strip

$30 Stomach Full

$60 Back Package

$30 Back upper

$30 Back lower

$10 Shoulders

$15 Neck


$45 Arms Package

$25 Arms Upper

$25 Arms Lower

$10 Hands

$25 Underarms


$60 Legs Package

$30 Legs Upper

$30 Legs Lower

$15 Inner Thigh

$20 Feet


$300 Full Body Package

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about me

Hello! My name is Cheryl.


I am a licensed esthetician (#126383) dedicated to the art of hair removal and lash enhancement. My goal is to elevate how you feel and look using high quality products and using the best practices!

My studio is located inside Pink Me Up Nail & Spa Boutique in Tarzana, where I invite you to come treat yourself to bigger, bolder lashes and to smoother, cleaner skin.

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Located inside Pink Me Up Nail & Spa Boutique

19501 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91356

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